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Performance Pet Products

This isn’t a dream, this is how you make pet food. Performance Pet is home to the innovators and formulators who turn the desire for leaner, tastier, healthier or otherwise better pet food into an actual product on the shelves. Additionally, they stay on top of their clients’ processes, expertly handling inventory management, forecasting and any question they get. Everything they do is custom made for every customer, and they’re the only canner to do so.

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Redwood Farms Meat Processors

Exceptional standards mean exceptional products, and that’s what we strive for at Redwood Farms Meat Processors. Our goal is to create a market for every hog, no matter its size – which allows us to offer smaller cuts for less waste and larger cuts for more options. We offer a partnership to farmers, connecting their livestock with customers across the map. We are pork people and this is what we do.

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Midwest Grease

Midwest Grease makes it possible for restaurants to keep meals moving without a clog or customer complaint. The company collects, cleans and recycles restaurant grease into livestock feed ingredients and biofuels. It also provides grease storage containers that are picked up on a tightly scheduled basis throughout Minnesota and the surrounding states.

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Central Bi-Products

Central Bi-Products is a full-service rendering company with facilities in three communities and hundreds of employees ensuring safe, sustainable ingredients for your everyday products. Two facilities process poultry meal, ruminant-based proteins, feather meal, blood meal and fat products. Our third facility processes porcine and choice white grease. We take items that would typically be thrown away and turn them into reusable by-products. Farmers are the original recyclers, and we’re helping it stay that way.

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Northland Choice

At Northland Choice, we make the finest protein-based pet food ingredients anywhere, using the highest quality raw materials available. Our frozen and fresh-chilled proteins are the ingredients you’re looking for to make the pet food that pets want. Operating three facilities in Redwood Falls, Long Prairie and Waite Park, Minnesota, our dedicated teams handle material from 100% USDA inspected facilities, ensuring products that are fresh, safe and nutritious. We set the bar for pet food ingredients, raising the standards to meet the needs of owners and pets alike.

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Artex Manufacturing

Artex Manufacturing is the strongest little business in the greatest little town. For more than 40 years, Artex has manufactured the world’s toughest line of manure spreaders, silage trailers and truck boxes, and everything from start to finish is handled right here in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. This includes research and development, engineering drawings, forming, welding, metal finishing and final assembly. It’s farming equipment made by farmers to stand up to the toughest work on earth.

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