Stanley Moore Scholarship

About Stanley Moore

Stanley Moore was born into two prominent Farmers Union families, the Moores and the Talbotts. As a young boy, he traveled with his grandfather, C.C. Talbott, a principal organizer and the first President of the North Dakota Farmers Union.

After his education and military service in the Pacific during WWII, he immersed himself in Farmers Union and rose through the ranks for 30 years until he became President of North Dakota Farmers Union in 1975, a position he held until 1987.

In addition, Moore held many leadership positions throughout his lifetime, including serving as Vice President of National Farmers Union from 1980-87; Chairman of the National Farmers Union Insurance Companies (NFUIC) board from 1975-95; and NFUIC’s Chief Executive Officer from 1987-89.

Moore was a man who provided great vision and leadership in both public policy and financial matters. He brought success to all facets of the organization because of his business savvy, people skills and his philosophy of service. He was known to say, “It doesn’t matter much who gets the credit as long as the job gets done.”

The long-term needs of the organization, in Moore’s estimation, required the laying of a base for future financial security for the organization. “If you don’t have the financial muscle, you can be the biggest advocate in the world for a particular program; but, if you can’t put wheels under it, you can’t make it work,” he said. To illustrate, one of Moore’s greatest contributions to the organization as chairman and president of Insurance Acquisition Corporation, another of his many distinguished leadership positions, was the reacquisition of the National Farmers Union Insurance Companies.


Through the generosity of the Stanley Moore Scholarship fund several $1,500 scholarships will be awarded in 2023 to assist in covering the cost for tuition and books. Applications are available and accepted through May 31st, 2023. The scholarship will favor an ag-related study, but again all areas of study are encouraged to apply. “If you don’t have the financial muscle, you can be the biggest advocate in the world for a particular program; but, if you can’t put wheels under it, you can’t make it work,” Stanley Moore said.

Moore was a strong advocate of education and his scholarship provides a lasting memorial in honor of his achievements and dedication to Farmers Union.


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