About Us

Farmers are the original recyclers.

We’re a company of farmers. We’re a company for farmers. And if you know anything about farmers, you know they don’t leave anything to waste. That’s pretty much what this whole organization is based on: taking what one person can’t use and turning it into something someone can.

That takes an almost unbelievable amount of work, but like we said, we’re farmers.


FUI is the premier provider of specialized products; providing superior value and services to members and customers.


To provide specialized products benefiting every household.


INTEGRITY – Open and truthful in all we do.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We take responsibility for our actions.

RELATIONSHIPS – We make it easy for internal and external partners to do business with us.

QUALITY – We are passionate about our company and products, we meet or exceed expectations.

SAFETY – We create and maintain a safe environment for all. We have zero tolerance for safety violations.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE – We are dedicated to providing a cleaner planet for future generations.